We are delighted to introduce you to our new Executive Chef Stephan Kriegelstein and senior Sous Chef Kristina Roesebeck. 
Stephan has spent the past 15 years cooking for some of the best award-winning restaurants in Europe, sharing kitchens with Michelin-starred chefs and developing a unique culinary style, using seasonal produce to create contemporary yet unpretentious dishes.  His philosophy, ‘cooking is an expression of love, passion and joy of life’ can be found in every aspect of Stephan’s life. While in Switzerland he met Kristina. They set off to work together at some of the best restaurants in Switzerland and Austria and now they are here in Christchurch, bringing their expertise to Original Sin.
“It is our aim to re-explore regional and traditional specialties,” Stephan says. “Our guests should receive a sophisticated insight into the Canterbury region, combined with the harmony of nature and the variety of food we have here. We will bring all our expertise, using modern cooking techniques which will meet flavours from New Zealand and all over the world, only using the best produce from regional businesses and farmers. We will create classic dishes with a unique twist – keeping our German background in mind.”