Executive Chef, David Nicol

David Nicol left New Zealand over twenty years ago determined to make his own way in the culinary world. 

Self-taught, he returned in late 2016 having honed his craft in a staggering array of international settings from the kitchens of Sydney and London, to ten years in cosmopolitan Amsterdam leading to the establishment and opening of the famous ‘Supperclub’ in Istanbul. From the shores of Galicia in Spain to the Caribbean coast of Columbia and Panama, the wonders of Thailand, and most recently the Middle Eastern melting pot of Israel, David is delighted to return to his homeland with a wealth of experience and talent.

David is excited about local ingredients and their story. Having always immersed himself in his locality, his return to New Zealand has brought an enticing rediscovery of all this amazing place has to offer. David’s passion is to cook beautiful food which is unpretentious, yet elegant. He accomplishes this by a focus on quality local ingredients which he allows to shine through sympathetic attention to complementarity of flavours, utilising yet not confusing international impulses. Many years in the restaurant industry has left David attuned to the diner’s experience—eating in his book should be fun as well as pleasantly surprising. His creativity and extensive international exposure combine with a focus on great local ingredients to pave the way for an exciting and innovative dining experience.